Inception 2 just needs to be:


  • Ariadne being there for Dom and the kids
  • ~Eames and Arthur sharing sexy looks~
  • Ariadne and Cobb kissing/slow dancing on a dinner date
  • Yusuf’s cat has kittens, Yusuf is a thrilled father
  • Saito and Robert start a business together
  • Eames and Arthur fuck on everything.
  • Even on Cobb’s bed.
  • And Robert’s wallet.
  • And Ariadne’s scarf.
  • Which was her fault, for leaving it on Cobb’s desk.
  • Suit porn

THIS, EVERY WORD OF IT. I don’t think I need to comment further on all the Eames/Arthur part, but you had me at #4. Yusuf playing around with the kittens would be adorbs.

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