*wipes dust*

Saying that last year was a bad year for me is such a HUGE understatement. Things haven’t been exactly sweet the last six months, no matter what I say (or better - what I don’t) on my other social networking accounts.

This place was mostly my nerdy/shipper-y corner. Still is. I have another “official” Tumblr, and a Twitter account, and Google+, and a Facebook account I barely would use weren’t it for the fact that Facebook is the only social networking service some of my closest friends are in.

Something I fail to understand, by the way.

Anyway - this is the place where I can post whatever I want, consequences be damned - not having to worry about my co-workers, or other real-life acquaintances, peeking around. This is my safe place. I know most of you will understand that I want to keep this apart from everything else, because you’re doing more or less the same for similar reasons.

But I haven’t been in a really social mood as of late, so unless I have to pretend everything is all right, which is not the case here as I’ve just said, I just stop posting altogether. 

Which is exactly the reason why I’ve been irregularly posting everywhere else but here, if that makes sense. 

That, and the fact that I forgot my password and tried to retrieve it once but Tumblr ignored me. But today I’ve been lucky *breathes*

All this endless bunch of words only to say that I’m sorry for leaving this place dead, that I’ll try to catch up (I’ve been silently stalking some of your blogs though, just so you know… but I don’t recognize many usernames!) and that I’m back. For good. I hope.

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