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Agent Phil Coulson, ladies and gentlemen

Now seriously, I need somebody to take the While you were sleeping poster and paste Steve and Coulson’s faces over Bill Pullman and Sandra Bullock. It needs to be done.

The Late Show with David Letterman (2010)

This hair. This suit. This man. I can’t.

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Glasses and facial hair? Brownie points. Absolutely.

9 June - Forty-nine years ago was born the son of Betty Sue and John Christopher Depp. Little did know that rebellious teenager would become a major actor in the world. And that is what he is, though not like, but he is the greatest actor of all. At least for me and thousands of other fans. But it is much more than that. He is father. He is the person I love most. Most admire. More’m proud to be a fan. I love you Johnny, although you do not see the tributes that I do to you, I’ll stay here. Loving you, how I do 15 years ago. I love you, thank you for everything.

30/50 Photos of Tom Hiddleston

Favorite People → Chris Evans
“I think trying to remain as humble as possible is the best way to aid that progression with your acting.” 

Hey Jude, long time no see ♥

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#ack this scene #all my holmes/watson feeeels


#ack this scene #all my holmes/watson feeeels

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