Oh look, my life.

Oh look, my life.

Message me a number:

1 - One of my obsessions.

2 - Where I would like to live.

3 - One of the things I am proud of.

4 - One of my insecurities.

5 - My childhood career choice.

6 - My favourite ice cream.

7 - One of my hobbies.

8 - One of my bad habits.

9 - Who I wish I could be

10- Where I want to be right now.

11 - The last thing I ate

12 - Sexiest person that comes to my mind immediately.

13 - A random fact about anything.

I still have a couple of questions I should answer in my askbox - but if someone feels like doing this, go on.

Taking a 10-minute break from work…

… and use it to search some pics of Liam Neeson is a bad, very bad idea.

Bad for my productivity I mean, of course.

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